Lunes, Oktubre 17, 2011

"Palawan" My Adopted Hometown

It has been 15 years since I came to this beautiful place and haven't left it since...
I first came here when I was 12 years old and having been raised in the city I hated the provincial way of living here. Everything from fashion to movies were late in coming here. I missed the noise, traffic and pollution that was used to in Manila. So I swore to myself never in my entire life will I return to this place. 

Then after 5 years I found myself on board a ship going here and taking a summer vacation. Then suddenly my father surprised me of the news that I will continue my studies here in this place that I hated when I was a kid. I felt like all my dreams shuttered. then I went to college and met the man that I never realized that I will marry someday. I never Imagined that I will get married here and stay here for the rest of my life. Here in this place where I hated the most because of its provincial lifestyle. Here where I will raise my kids and probably where I will die.

Here in "Palawan" where my dreams shattered is where I built new ones. This is where I started to hope again. 

Here where you can find the famous Underground River (Subterranian River)

Where you can find beautiful beaches that can match famous and beautiful beaches around the world. Here we don't experience earthquakes, typhoons, pollution and anywhere you go you will see trees and flowers everywhere. 

I'll tell you a secret... yes I've lived here for 15 years, but I will never exchange that 15 years with the 17 years that I've stayed in Manila . I've finally realized that I love living here in Palawan. That yes my dreams shattered but I found my true happiness here in Palawan and here is where I'll stay.


Please watch out for my nail art designs which I will be posting here...


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  1. nice! welcome sa blog life!!! sana mag post ka na ng mag nail art mo. waaaaah!

  2. i really wanna live in a place like this .it's a piece of heaven u want to exchange places ???lol

  3. Seems like an awesome place!! I hope when I visit Philippines I can visit Palawan. :)